Tracey Rawbone VN, ADipFBM

I qualified as a Veterinary Nurse in 1994 and worked in a very busy small and large animal veterinary practice in Leamington Spa. I then went on to start my very own petsitting business, Comfy Creatures, which I ran for 18 years. As well as looking after cats while their owners were away on holiday I also offered advice regarding any behavioural problems, something I am very passionate about. I gained distinction in the Advanced Diploma in Feline Behaviour Management and am currently studying towards a Graduate Diploma in Animal Behaviour. I am also a full member of the International Feline Behaviourists as well as a member of the International Society of Animal Professionals and the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour. I am also listed as a Certified Animal Behaviourist on The International Companion Animal Network website. Over the years of working so closely with cats I have come to realise that our furry felines are never just being 'naughty', but rather reacting to a situation they feel uncomfortable in and these problems can be overcome, resulting in a happy cat - and owner!


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