All cat behaviour therapy programmes are designed specifically for the individual cat and its owner.

My consultations take place in the cat's own home, following a consultation with your own veterinary surgeon to rule out any health problems.

I deal with many different behaviours, including:

  • anxiety

  • litter tray aversion

  • urine spraying

  • aggression

  • house soiling

  • obesity​

My services include:​

  • a consultation in your own home lasting approximately 2 hours

  • initial advice will be given regarding the behavioural problem

  • a comprehensive written report including history, behavioural problems and a complete behavioural modification programme

  • a written report will be sent to the referring veterinary surgeon

  • a follow up consultation 2-3 weeks after the initial consultation lasting 1 hour (if required)

  • client support via telephone or e-mail for 3 months following the initial home consultation


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